Installation of Computers and Peripherals in Stage 2011 Target Libraries Finalized

On 31 January 2012, the installation of computers and peripherals in Stage 2011 target libraries was finalized. A total of 960 public libraries across the country have ICT equipment for citizens provided under Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria.  
155 target libraries were included in the third phase of ICT equipment delivery and installation under the program: another 530 desktop computers, 530 monitors, 1 laptop, 155 multifunctional devices, 149 multimedia projectors and 310 network equipment units are ready to be used.

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Program for Training of Librarians 2012 – 2013

On 1 February 2012 the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Board approved a Program for Training of Librarians 2012 – 2013. The document is an update of the approved and implemented in 2011 Program 2011-2013.

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Стартират първите обучения за библиотекари през 2012 г. (обучителен период април-юли)

Учебници по петте тематични направления

На 19 и 20 март 2012 г. стартират обученията за библиотекари от пролетно-летния обучителен период на Програма „Глоб@лни библиотеки - България”.

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Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Trainers Meetings

Trainers Meeting, 30-31 January 2012
Trainers Meeting, 1-2 February 2012
Trainers Meeting, 6-7 February 2012

In January and February 2012, three work meetings of Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program trainers took place at Central Hotel Forum in Sofia.

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Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Target Libraries Join the “Informed and Healthy” Communication Strategy of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria

In January 2012, Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria and Ministry of Health (MH) representatives identified cooperation opportunities for public libraries and Regional Health Inspection Offices.

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