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Коледа в библиотеката

На 23.12.2011г. в библиотеката към НЧ "Христо Ботев"-1936 г. с.Златитрап малки и големи отпразнуваха Коледа. Входът в библиотеката за децата беше: коледно стихотворение или песен и много коледно настроение. Библиотекарката В.

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Обучение в Регионална библиотека „Светослав Минков” – гр. Перник

Завърши обучението и на последната група от етап м. октомври –  м. декември 2011 г. по Програма "Глобални библиотеки" направление Информационни и комуникационни технологии в обучителната зала на Регионална библиотека „Светослав Минков”  гр.  Перник.

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Librarian Trainers Conference in Romania

A National Librarian Trainers Conference under the Biblionet program (the Romanian equivalent of Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria) was held on 8 and 9 December 2011 in Sinaia, Romania. Besides the Romanian trainers, the conference was also attended by the Global Libraries initiative representatives from Bulgaria, Botswana, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland who presented the training models in their respective countries.

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First Training for Hearing Impaired People under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Held in Sofia

The first ICT training under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program specially targeted at hearng impaired people from 5 to 9 December 2011 in the "Fakel" chitalishte. The training was organized with the help of the Open Communication Association and the Metropolitan Library in Sofia. 7 people from 20 to 33 years of age attended. The training was led by Ilia Kardzhanov, an ICT trainer with great experience in training people with disabilities. The program's mobile laboratory was used for the training.

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Training in Computer Skills for Beginners in Dalbok Izvor Village

Training of local citizens in basic computer skills started on 29 and 30 September 2011 in the Probuda-1908 Chitalishte Library in the village of Dalbok Izvor. The librarian Tatyana Gadzheva presented the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program to the trainees, explaining that the training is conducted thanks to the program. Within two hours the attendees were acquianted with basic computer notions and first steps in working with Windows 7.

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Work Meetings with the Target Libraries under Stages 2009 and 2010 in Smolyan District

Three work meetings with librarians from the target libraries under Stages 2009 and 2010 of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program were held in the period 27-30 September 2011 in the Smolyan district. The meetings were regarding reporting under the program.

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Change in the Program Office Telephone Numbers

If you are a partner of the program or would like to contact us for any reason, please have in mind that the +359 2/98-99-088 landline number will no longer be used by the office of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program in Sofia. You can find as at landline +359 2/98-12-708 which shall continue working uninterrupted. The rest of the program's contact details also remain unchanged.

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Peer Learning Meeting for Exchange of Experience between Global Libraries Initiatives Worldwide Held in Seattle, USA

A Peer Learning Meeting for exchange of experience between representatives of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Libraries initiatives was held from 15 to 21 September 2011 in Seattle, USA. 119 attendees from 16 countries presented and discussed best practices and library innovation. The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program was represented by members of the Program Management Unit, the Ministry of Culture and UNDP.

The Bulgarian team participated in several affinity groups (specialized work groups):

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Meeting Regarding Library Processes Automation Held in Peshtera

The N. Furnadzhiev District Library in Pazardzhik organized a work meeting of libraries using the AB library automation software product in the Pazardzhik region on 21 September 2011 in Peshtera. The meeting was organized together with the software manufacturer. The event was hosted by the Razvitie - 1873 Chitalishte Library in the town of Peshtera which works with this product and the Internet catalogue of which was also presented with the technology equipment provided to the library by the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program.

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