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The Mouse and the Book: the Possible Friendship

On 13–14 December 2012, Retro Hotel in Haskovo hosted a district thematic meeting organized jointly with GLB target libraries from the districts of Haskovo and Kardzhali with the support of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program. The topic of the meeting was “THE MOUSE AND THE BOOK: THE POSSIBLE FRIENDSHIP” and it focused on the presentation of good practices and innovative target library activities.

Meeting participants included 80 library specialists from target libraries in the two districts, representatives of local executive and legislative powers, allied cultural organizations, associations and other NGOs with which libraries from the district partner successfully. The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program Management Unit was represented at the meeting by the Regional Manager Krasimir Hristov.
Mr. Ivan Ivanov, Chair of the Municipal Council in Haskovo, delivered a welcome address to meeting participants, highlighting the support of local authorities for the idea and objectives of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program and for the forum. The three meeting sessions were moderated respectively by the GLB District Coordinators for Haskovo and Kardzhali and by the Regional Manager Krasimir Hristov who delivered two presentations (“The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program and the Changes to Bulgarian Libraries” and “New Ideas and Prospects for Development of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program”) and facilitated the group work activity “Innovative Library Services”. Open calls for employment promotion projects under the Human Resources Development Operational Program were presented within the topic “Together We Can Do More: Opportunities for New Partnerships” delivered by a representative of the District Info Point in Haskovo. Other presentations delivered during the two-day thematic meeting included: “Old Haskovo on Europeana Digital Library” (K. Strashnikova, Director of Hristo Smirnenski District Library); “The Library: a Place for Lifelong Learning and Inclusion of People of All Ages in the Global Information Society” (R. Dimova, P. K. Yavorov Public Chitalishte in Haskovo); “Libraries, Computers, Readers” (Yulduz Yusuf, Ognishte Public Chitalishte in the village of Stremtsi, Kardzhali municipality); “The Book and the Mouse: an Everlasting Friendship” (Desislava Trifonova, Petar Beron Public Chitalishte in the village of Strandzhevo, Krumovgrad municipality); “P. Penev City Library: a Bridge between Generations, Traditions and Modern-time Opportunities” (V. Terzieva, Librarian at P. Penev City Library in Dimitrovgrad); “Traditions and Innovations in the Small Public Library” (V. Delcheva, H. Botev Public Chitalishte, Stambolovo municipality). While presentations were on different topics, they had one common feature – each of them showed the new ideas in the work of public libraries, expressed willingness to support the development of the program and all participants expressed their strong satisfaction with the knowledge gained during the local training and applied in practice. The meeting was very well organized; participants shared good practices, made new friends and expressed willingness to take part in more such meetings.