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Regional Meeting on the Topic “E-Services: a Priority in the Work of Public Libraries in Ruse”

On 7 October 2013, the city of Ruse hosted a regional meeting of Global Libraries – Bulgaria Program target libraries in Ruse district. The meeting was attended by librarians and secretaries from target libraries in the district, Petar Petrov from Ruse branch of Varna Territorial Directorate of the National Revenue Agency, Camelia Zlatanova, Manager of the District Info Point for Ruse district, Sibil Boychev, Deputy Chair of Ruse office of the Youth Voice Association, Rumen Dimitrov, volunteer who took part in the development of e-services for the district library, etc. The delivered presentations attracted meeting participants’ interest. The presented opportunities for providing access to e-services for citizens have become an everyday routine in the work of our libraries. The provided training in ICT and Modern Library Services helped librarians familiarize with and technically cope with assistance for the use of e-services. Meeting participants asked numerous questions to presenters which evidenced their already established skills as well as their desire to acquire new ones. The feedback questionnaires filled in by meeting participants show their satisfaction with the meetings organized to date. Many participants expressed their support and willingness to see this practice of organizing meetings for sharing experience and presenting new skills by specialists extended. Meeting participants think that these meetings help public libraries in the district get to know each other and share their common problems as well as find problem resolution options. The afternoon session game caused excitement among participants and displayed their knowledge in relation to the numerous e-services provided by libraries.