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Regional Meeting “The Library: an Access Point to e-Education and e-Culture” Organized by the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program Took Place in Gabrovo

On 11 July 2013, the Regional Museum of History in Gabrovo hosted the regional meeting “The Library: an Access Point to e-Education and e-Culture” organized by the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program and Aprilov – Palauzov District Library in Gabrovo.

The meeting aimed to share experience and discuss ideas for adoption of new e-services in the areas of e-learning and e-culture. A welcome address to participants on behalf of Tanya Hristova, Mayor of Gabrovo, was delivered by Elena Hristova, Senior Expert at the Culture and Tourism Department.

Meeting participants included representatives of Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program target libraries from Gabrovo district, partners and representatives of local authorities. The first two sessions included presentations on e-services and training provided in Aprilov – Palauzov District Library and the target libraries in Yavorets, Tryavna, Dushevo, Gradnitsa and Ryahovtsite. The third session was dedicated to workshops (group work activities) for generation of innovative ideas in the area of culture.
“e-Services and Access to Regional Studies Resources in Aprilov – Palauzov District Library”, Sonya Stoyanova, Rumyana Karamfilova, Aprilov – Palauzov District Library, Gabrovo
“The Living Culture of the Settlement: Opportunities for Online Promotion”, Plamen Hristov, Vasil Levski 1922 Public Chitalishte, village of Yavorets
“Aprilov – Palauzov District Library in Gabrovo: an Information Literacy Training Center”, Ivelina Pencheva, Rosen Guglin, Aprilov – Palauzov District Library, Gabrovo
“e-Services without Age and Borders”, Stefka Todorova, City Library at P. R. Slaveykov Public Chitalishte, Tryavna
Session Two
Moderated by Margarita Bancheva
“The Library: a Place for Preservation and Presentation of Local Cultural Heritage”, Tsvetozara Stoyanova, Paisiy Hilendarski 1908 Public Chitalishte, village of Gradnitsa
“e-Services in Probuda 1907 Public Chitalishte in the Village of Ryahovtsite”, Petya Docheva
“The Library: a Place for Learning and Entertainment”, Martina Boneva, Spoluka 1920 Public Chitalishte, village of Dushevo
Meeting participants were randomly divided into four groups. The first group moderated by Anelia Mutafchieva developed the idea of “Regional and Local Online Literary Works” (an independent website or a section of an existing website); the second group moderated by Rumyana Karamfilova – “Art Catalogue/Online Shop for Local Crafts, Local Culture and Living”; the third group was moderated by Margarita Bancheva – “Website for Local Culture and Living”; the fourth group – a service for creation of family trees (moderated by Savina Tsoneva).

During the meeting, the Director of the District Library Savina Tsoneva presented Aprilov – Palauzov Library’s ambassadors – part of the national movement for support of libraries, among whom Tanya Hristova (Mayor of Gabrovo Municipality); Tomislav Donchev and Tsvetomir Mihov, MPs; Nikolay Sirakov, Chair of the Municipal Council; Merinela Sabeva, Manager of the District Info Center in Gabrovo; Snezhana Siderova and Mitko Daskalov, Municipal Councilors (Committee for Library and Information Services for Citizens); Yana Maximova, Manager of Ex-Press Publishing House; Mariana Prodanova, the Factory Association for Culture; Kalin Iliev, writer, and other famous citizens of Gabrovo supporting the work of Aprilov – Palauzov District Library.