Feedback about the Program

“Global Libraries” in the Eyes of the Librarian from the Village of Gabare

On 6 January 2011, the computers provided under the Global Libraries were installed in our library. Village people had known about this event for months. The most impatient ones were young people and children who could hardly wait for me to clean the room on the day the computers were installed to sit in front of them. Excitement, joy and self-confidence not only for the library but for the whole village resulted from the new equipment. Users, able and unable, started visiting the library and the number of curious people was much higher. They just came in to see.

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Feedback on the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program by Target Libraries under Stage 2009

This page presents some of the feedback on the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program implementation received from target libraries under Stage 2009 which participated in a questionnaire for measuring the program's impact on their work.

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