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Sofia District Thematic Meeting on the Topic “The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program: Basis for Local Partnerships” 11 – 12 July 2012, Koprivshtitsa

On 11 – 12 July 2012, the town of Koprivshtitsa hosted the regional thematic meeting “The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program: Basis for Local Partnerships” – a joint initiative of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program and the Municipal Culture Institute (MCI) Sofia City Library. The forum took place at the town museum’s hall.


Meeting participants included more than 55 chitalishte secretaries, librarians, volunteers, municipal administration representatives, library partners from the city of Sofia and the southwest part of Sofia District. Official guests delivered welcome addresses to participants and included Ivan Leskov, Deputy Mayor of Koprivshtitsa Municipality, Borislav Vilarov, Municipal Council Chair, Spaska Tarandova, Deputy Director of MCI Sofia City Library and Luisina Savkova, Ministry of Culture Senior Expert.

The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program was represented by Krasimira Kaneva and Nikolay Markov, Regional Managers at the GLB PMU, Galina Rasheeva and Galya Tomova, GLB District Coordinators for Sofia and Sofia District, and Silvia Vrachovska, Director of Hristo Botev District Library in Vratsa and GLB District Coordinator for Vratsa District. Other meeting participants included Vanya Radeva from the Sofia District Regional Information Center (RIC), teachers from Koprivshtitsa and Pirdop, partners.


The meeting was opened by Galya Tomova, GLB District Coordinator for Sofia District. She pointed out that the focus of the thematic meeting was local partnerships with cultural and educational institutions, local authorities and the business. The meeting aimed to coordinate the efforts of all partners for the adoption of new e-services which is also the main purpose of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program.


Spaska Tarandova, Deputy Director of MCI Sofia City Library, presented to meeting attendees the key partnerships of the library.


Krasimira Kaneva, Regional Manager at the GLB PMU, presented good local partnership practices for innovative service provision within the GLB Program.

Vanya Radeva, RIC, spoke about partnership opportunities between the RIC and GLB target libraries.

Library activities under the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program were presented as follows:

Penka Alexieva, Neofit Rilski Library at Hadzhi Nencho Palaveev 1869 Public Chitalishte in Koprivshtitsa

Albena Ihtimanska, Chief Librarian at Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library in the town of Samokov

Dimitar Ovcharov, Chief Librarian at Hristo Smirnenski 1889 Public Chitalishte in the town of Zlatitsa

Zaharinka Bodurova, Librarian at Napredak 1869 Public Chitalishte in the town of Pirdop

 Mariana Balabanova, Librarian at Saznanie 1925 Public Chitalishte in the village of Belopoptsi


Emilia Tsenova, Librarian at Prosveta 1881 Public Chitalishte in the village of Kostenets

Dana Yaninska, Sluntse 1879 Public Chitalishte in the town of Ihtiman

Two meeting sessions were dedicated to group work activities. Participants were divided into five groups where each group had to develop a new e-service targeted at specific target groups: children and school goers with problematic behavior, pensioners, disabled people, unemployed people and business owners. Service development requirements included partnership based service adoption and affiliation to some of the main groups of services that are being adopted under the GLB Program: e-health, e-employment, e-skills, e-business, etc.
Services development steps included as follows:

1. Service selection and naming

2. Goal
3. Target group
4. Partners
5. Service adoption activities
6. Resources / budget
7. Media presentation
8. Expected results: social and economic effect on the local community

Following group-work activities, a speaker from each group presented to all participants the newly identified service. Results by target groups include as follows:


Children and school goers with problematic behavior: Service – provision of interactive information and educational services, e-education;  

Pensioners: Service – provision of information and lectures on health related and social topics, e-skills;

People with vision impairmentService – ICT training of people with vision impairment, e-inclusion

Unemployed people: Service – provision of job application information and assistance for unemployed people, e-employment

Small business: Service – electronic administrative services, e-government

E-Services to be implemented by GLB target libraries from Sofia District in 2012:

ID Library name Municipality Settlement Service Target group
3012 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1925 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Anton Anton e-Education: Information and educational services Children
1625 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1934 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Bozhurishte Bozhurishte To be specified  
1622 LIBRARY AT VASIL LEVSKI 1923 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Bozhurishte Herakovo To be specified  
1627 IVAN VAZOV LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1884 PC Botevgrad Botevgrad To be specified  
1631 LIBRARY AT SABUZHDANE 1895 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Botevgrad Vrachesh To be specified  
1629 LIBRARY AT PRAVDA 1905 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Botevgrad Novachene To be specified  
1626 LIBRARY AT 19 FEBRUARY 1906 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Botevgrad Skravena To be specified  
1628 LIBRARY AT N. RAKITIN 1890 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Botevgrad Trudovets To be specified  
1636 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA 1927 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Gorna Malina Aprilovo e-Government: Administrative and legal services Senior people
1635 LIBRARY AT ELIN PELIN 1922 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Gorna Malina Baylovo e-Employment: Job application assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1637 LIBRARY AT SAZNANIE 1925 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Gorna Malina Belopoptsi e-Employment: Support for unemployed underqualified Roma people

e-Education: Support for young people’s university e-application
Unemployed Roma people




University applicants
1634 LIBRARY AT VASIL LEVSKI 1929 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Gorna Malina Gorna Malina To be specified  
1639 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1919 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Gorna Malina Dolno Kamartsi e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
3027 LIBRARY AT NIKOLA KOSTOV SAVOV 1922 PC Gorna Malina Osoytsa e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1640 LIBRARY AT RILA 1898 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Dolna Banya Dolna Banya To be specified  
1646 ELIN PELIN MUNICIPAL LIBRARY Elin Pelin Elin Pelin To be specified  
1651 LIBRARY AT STOYAN BOGDANLIYSKI 1931 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Gabra To be specified    
1654 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA-75 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Gara Elin Pelin e-Education Children  and school goers
1649 LIBRARY AT OTETS PAISIY 1928 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Musachevo To be specified  
1647 LIBRARY AT IVAN VAZOV 1928 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Novi Han e-Skills: Developing an electronic reference book for pensioners Pensioners
1653 LIBRARY AT PROSVETA 1922 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Ravno Pole Absent  
1648 LIBRARY AT IVAN VAZOV 1919 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Elin Pelin Stolnik Absent  
1655 LIBRARY AT TODOR PEEV 1871 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Etropole Etropole To be specified  
1659 LIBRARY AT HRISTO SMIRNENSKI 1889 PC Zlatitsa Zlatitsa e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1657 LIBRARY AT OBORISHTE 1897 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Zlatitsa Petrich e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1656 LIBRARY AT N. Y. VAPTSAROV 1951 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Zlatitsa Tsurkvishte e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1665 LIBRARY AT SLUNTSE 1879 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Ihtiman Ihtiman e-Inclusion: “Closer to the Forgotten”, home based and library volunteer supported information services for people with motor difficulties People with motor difficulties
1661 LIBRARY AT ZARYA 1902 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Ihtiman Vakarel To be specified  
1660 LIBRARY AT DR. SPAS DUPARINOV 1927 PC Ihtiman Verinsko To be specified  
1663 LIBRARY AT PROSVETA 1922 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Ihtiman Zhivkovo e-Education: Provision of information on education, health, daily related topics   Roma people

Unemployed people
1664 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA 1908 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Ihtiman Stambolovo e-Employment: Job finding assistance for unemployed people Unemployed people
1666 NEOFIT RILSKI LIBRARY AT H. NENCHO PALAVEEV 1869 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Koprivshtitsa Koprivshtitsa e-Business: Provision of information, preparation of brochures and access to electronic subsidy application services for agricultural producers Agricultural producers
1669 LIBRARY AT PROGRES 1907 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Kostenets Kostenets e-Education Young people
1668 LIBRARY AT GEO MILEV 1954 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Kostenets Momin Prohod e-Health: information and educational services on health related topics in partnership with sanatoriums

e-Education: Open lessons at the library
1670 LIBRARY AT PROSVETA 1881 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Kostenets v.  Kostenets e-Skills: ICT training for senior people  

e-Culture: Preparation of electronic materials of local significance

e-Education: Information and training of children
Children and pensioners
1675 LIBRARY AT IVAN VAZOV 1947 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Kostinbrod Kostinbrod To be specified  
1680 LIBRARY AT NAPREDAK 1869 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE  Pirdop Pirdop e-Education: Provision of information about university application programs and projects School goers
1685 LIBRARY AT ZARYA 1895 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Pravets Pravets To be specified  
1688 LIBRARY AT RAZVITIE 1898 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Pravets Vidrare To be specified  
1683 LIBRARY AT VAZRAZHDANE 1927 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Pravets Dzhurovo To be specified  
1682 LIBRARY AT VASIL TSENKOV 1936 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Pravets Razliv To be specified  
1691 PAISIY HILENDARSKI MUNICIPAL LIBRAY AT Samokov Samokov e-Skills: ICT training of pensioners

e-Culture: Young Regional Studies Expert Club, creation of an electronic database of local history






1712 STOYNE ANGELOV 1932 PC Samokov Beli Iskar To be specified  
1711 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA 1909 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Samokov Belchin To be specified  
1709 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1903 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Samokov Raduil To be specified  
1710 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1926 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Samokov Rayovo To be specified  
Svoge Svoge To be specified  
1701 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA 1896 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Svoge Gara Bov To be specified  
1692 LIBRARY AT VAZRAZHDANE 1928 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Svoge Iskrets To be specified  
1696 LIBRARY AT KLIMENT OHRIDSKI 1924 PC Svoge Osenovlag To be specified  
1702 LIBRARY AT HRISTO BOTEV 1929 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Svoge Tserovo To be specified  
1704 LIBRARY AT SAZNANIE 1907 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Slivnitsa Slivnitsa To be specified  
1703 LIBRARY AT SVETLINA 1919 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Slivnitsa Aldomirovtsi To be specified  
1707 LIBRARY AT NADEZHDA 1900 PUBLIC CHITALISHTE Chavdar Chavdar e-Education: Information and educational services

e-Culture: Local events database
Children and young people

Local community
1705 LIBRARY AT TRUD I POSTOYANSTVO 1901 PC Chelopech Chelopech Absent  


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