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Bestowing of the AGORA Competition for Citizen Chitalishte Initiative of 2009 Prize

Stanimir Kiskinov, Advocacy and Fundraising Specialist in the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program, attended the ceremony for announcing nominations and bestowing the prize in the competition of the AGORA Platform for citizen chitalishte initiative of 2009. The event was held on 14 December 2009 in the Bulgaria Hotel in Sofia and it was a well-deserved celebration giving the merited appreciation to chitalishte workers. The audience participated in the event by voting for selection of initiative of the year. In competition with another six noteworthy candidates Razvitie Chitalishte in Dryanovo won the prize with the "If You Can, Help - and Accept Me Home!" project.

The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program is planning to participate in the next edition of the competition by awarding a special prize, as well as to include chitalishte from the AGORA family in program initiatives in 2010.