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Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library in Samokov Launches Computer Training of Mayors and Technical Assistants from Mayor’s Offices in Samokov Municipality

Computer training for mayors and technical assistants from the 24 mayor’s offices within Samokov municipality is to be launched. Training subjects include: basic computer literacy, work with operating systems, work with the WORD text-processing program, work in an online environment. The training aims to enhance the quality of administrative services provided at the mayor’s offices to the residents of the villages. Over the next two weeks, all the mayor’s offices will host access to a national database through which services will be provided to citizens locally. The three-day delay of services will no longer occur. Mayor’s office staff will use electronic signatures which will expedite the issuing of certificates of inheritance, permanent and current address, family status, etc. The idea behind this is to adopt new technology in the villages already equipped with computers. Some of them already provide internet access.

The training will take place at the computer room of Paisii Hilendarski Municipal Library equipped with computers under the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program. Trainers include library specialists Antoaneta Bozhkova and Natalia Radeva who are GLB ICT training graduates.