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The Burgas Municipal Councillors Approved Proposal for Inclusion of Libraries in Burgas in the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program

On 21 January 2010 with full majority the municipal council of Burgas approved the proposal of the mayor of Burgas Municipality Dimitar Nikolov the municipality to be included in the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program, as reported by Focus Radio Burgas. The following libraries are proposed for inclusion in the program as target libraries: Peio Yavorov Regional Library, Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodii Chitalishte - Burgas and Saglasie Chitalishte - Balgarovo. The Peio Yavorov Regional Library is proposed for a regional training center - that was also discussed. The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program also envisages extensive training of the library workers in the three library centres. The main objective of the program is to ensure easy and equal access to information, communication and electronic services through the usage of free Internet access in public libraries, in order to aid the inclusion of Bulgarian citizens into the global information network.

Source: Focus Agency