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140 Years of Library Deed in Silistra were Celebrated by the P. Pavlovich Regional Library

A conference under the slogan "Libraries - Shared Responsibility" was held in the town of Silistra on 5 and 6 October 2010. The conference was organized by the Parteniy Pavlovich Regional Library in partnership with the Municipality of Silistra and the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program, and was in line with the celebration of the 140th anniversary of library deed in Silistra. Several other celebratory cultural events were held in parallel with the conference: opening of a Parteniy Pavlovich memorial, patron of the Silistra regional library, presentation of the book "Impression of Stone and Metal" and white poetic night "Do not Age, Love". Two exhibitions were also opened as a part of the conference presenting the history and literary treasures of the regional library.

With the presentation "14 Decades - Knowledge and Life, Traditions and the Contemporary" the director of the Parteniy Pavlovich Regional Library Lidia Dimitrova got the conference attendees acquianted with the history and present of the library and library work in the Silistra region. The special guest of the conference, Dr. Anthony Alcott  from the Georgetown Univesity, presented ideas and techniques for effective searching for information on the Internet.

The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program participated actively in the anniversary celebration, with the program manager Trendafil Meretev presenting the topic "Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program - Change is Possible". Librarians from Dulovo, Nova Cherna and Popovo shared their experience with the preparation of libraries for the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program. A working meeting of the Program Management Unit and District Coordinators was also held as part of the conference.