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“Libraries and Journalists for the Rule of Law”: Meeting under MATRA/KAP Project Held in Shumen

The Stiliyan Chilingirov Regional Library in Shumen hosted a meeting under the MATRA/KAP Project titled "Libraries and Journalists for the Rule of Law".

The library manager Krasimira Alexandrova introduced the audience to the objectives of the MATRA/KAP project, where the regional library is tasked to collect, classify and make available to the public information and publications dealing with conflict of interest and corruption practices. She underlined that by providing equipment and free access to the worldwide web, the Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria Program will enable the citizens to participate more actively in the exposure of corrupt behavior.

Vesela Tabakova and Snezhana Popova from the Center for Independent Journalism and the investigating journalists Ivan Mihalev from Capital Weekly and Genka Shikerova from bTV presented their journalistic materials discussing this topic.

Members of the audience underscored that investigations of corruption and conflict of interest have large-scale public repercussions, but they should lead to concrete action on the part of the relevant institutions.