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56% of Computers and Peripherals are Delivered to the Target Libraries under Stage 2009

For the first five days (15 - 19 November) since the beginning of delivery, 243 libraries in the entire country of Bulgaria received computers and peripherals under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program. This is more than a half of the total number of 455 libraries included in the program under Stage 2009.

As per 19 November 2010, 10% of the delivered equipment is already installed - in 12 regional and 11 chitalishte libraries. 2752 computers are delivered, as well as servers, multifinctional devices and other peripherals. That makes up 56% of the entire envisaged equipment for the 455 target libraries under Stage 2009.

The installations of delivered equipment and deliveries of equipment to the libraries in Stage 2009 continue in the period 22 - 26 November 2010. It is expected that up to 26 November 2010, another 1734 computers, as well as peripherals, shall be delivered to 163 libraries.