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Training Center under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Officially Opened in Hristo Botev Regional Library Vratsa

A training center under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program was officially opened in the Hristo Botev Regional Library in Vratsa.

The deputy district director Valentin Litov, Marinela Petrova, director of the Education, Culture, Religious Faith and Youth Activities Directorate and Radosveta Krumova, Culture Department director in Vratsa Municipality, as well as the PMU representatives Krasimira Kaneva and Luba Devetakova were present at the opening.

The official opening was done by the deputy mayor in social and humanitarian activities in Vratsa Municipality Dr. Mihail Sharkov and Sylvia Vrachovska, director of the Vratsa Regional Library.

During the opening the experts of the Regional Library demonstrated in front of the guests and media training of people with experience - grandchildren taught their grandmothers how to create e-mail accounts of their own.