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Library Info Centre Equiped by the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Officially Opened in Prosveta-1908 Chitalishte in Zlatograd

A library info centre with the ICT equipment provided by the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program opened officially on 8 December 2010 in the Prosveta-1908 Chitalishte in the town of Zlatograd. The event was attended by Mr. Miroslav Yanchev, mayor of the town of Zlatograd, municipal councelors, Ms. Yordanka Valcheva, District Coordinator of the Smolyan district under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program, Mr. Daniel Dakovsky from the Program Management Unit, students and citizens.

After the welcoming speeches of the official guests, some of the new opportunities for services of the citizens which shall be provided by the library were presented.

A representative of the Labor Bureau and advisor of the EURES presented the opportunities of the Work Mobility Portal for finding a job in EU countries and ways for library patrons to use it effectively. Students from the school made a presentation on the subjects of Internet security and the dangers that its usage hides for each one of us.

The lirary workers got the attendees acquianted with the chronology of the events that lead to the opening of the info centre and the contemporary services which it can provide.

Mr. Miroslav Yanchev provided the library with his Skype contact, so patrons can contact him and the municipality management and present their questions or problems.


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