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Reports of the Glob@l Libraries Impact Assessment Interim Study

The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria impact assessment interim study was successfully conducted in the period August-October 2012. Its objective is repeating and widening the impact assessment on library users, local communities and citizens which was done through the baseline study in the end of 2010. The interim study is the first of its kind in the program which aims to measure the program's effect on target libraries' end-users. This study, conducted by the Alpha Research Ltd. sociological agency, provides an opportunity to track the effect of the program and how it is useful to the society, as well as to outline its future priorities and direction of work.

The interim study includes the following components:

  • National representative study among the country's adult population
  • National representative study among children and youngsters 7-18 years of age
  • Study among target libraries' users (target groups 7-10 , 11-18 and 18+ years of age)
  • Study among target libraries' workers
  • Qualitiative research through focus groups among three target groups - target libraries' users, library workers and representatives of the local community and institutions

The study's summary is available from the link below.