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Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health

After the successful signing of memoranda of understanding under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program and the Employment Agency, the Minister of EU Funds Management and the National Revenue Agency, a memorandum of understanding was also signed with the Ministry of Health.

After the successful partnership in the "Informed and Healthy" campaign which was joined by over 400 libraries over the entire country to promote subjects such as the damages of smoking, psychoactive drugs, excessive salt usage, trauma at work and at home, the mutual work of the Ministry of Health's (MH) structures and 959 public libraries under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program is now official.

The MH and the glob@l libraries shall be partners in the following activities:

  • Dissemination of information and materials through public libraries on healthy lifestyles, threats to health and improvement of people's quality of life;
  • Participation of MH representatives in libraries' events focused on healthy information;
  • Provision of information on e-health services through public libraries, etc.

Through the new technology in libraries and the MH resources, community members in even the most remote locations in Bulgaria shall have free access to health information.

The memorandum can be reviewed from the link below.