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Opening of Computer Workstations in the "Murgash - 1929" Chitalishte in Zhelyava

Computer workstations for patrons of the "Murgash - 1929" chitalishte library equipped by the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program were opened on 4 April 2011. The library has three desktop computers, a multifunctional device and a multimedia projector device.

Among the opening's guests were Ivaylo Panev, mayor of the Kremikovtsi region, Ivetka Petrova, deputy mayor of the Kremokovtsi region, Dafinka Yoncheva, chief specialist in the regional authorities, Galya Tomova, district coordinator of Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program, Yordan Shehtanski, mayor of Zhelyava, Tanya Koleva-Bondova, chairperson of the "Murgash - 1929" chitalishte, chitalishte members and art performers.

The mayor of the Kremikovtsi region Ivaylo Panev congratulated the attendees and wished the library success in its work. Galya Tomova thanked the mayor, Ivetka Petrova, deputy mayor of the Kremikovtsi region, and the mayor of Zhelyava Yordan Shehtanski for the support in creating the library centre.