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An e-Employment Webinar Took Place on 26 February 2013

On 26 February 2013, the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program, in partnership with the Employment Agency, organized an e-employment webinar. Seven libraries took part in the webinar (from the towns of Gramada, Asenovgrad and Devin and the villages of Georgi Damyanovo, Mogilitsa, Toros and Nova Cherna). Each library had invited groups of citizens interested in labor market information and job search advice.
Donka Vasileva and Rosen Simeonov, Chief Experts at the Intermediary Services Department of the Employment Services General Directorate, provided to webinar participants advice on CV and motivation letter design. The Employment Agency experts also provided consultancy on questions asked by participants in relation to job search and labor market.
45 library visitors took part in the webinar and 91% of them point out that they deem the received information helpful; 93% say they would share with families and friends the information and the assistance they received through the library. The questionnaire survey conducted at the end of the webinar indicated that 76% of participants think the webinar met completely or significantly their expectations; only one respondent expressed dissatisfaction.
In view of the wide age range of participants, their needs of employment related information to be provided by the library vary significantly (an option to give more than one answer was provided):

  • Job vacancies in Bulgaria – 21 responses
  • Job vacancies internationally – 15
  • Online job search – 17
  • Training and qualification opportunities – 27  
  • Participation in employment programs and measures – 16  
  • Job interview preparation – 14
  • Summer jobs, internships, seasonal jobs – 12
  • CV and motivation letter design – 8

Expressed recommendations and suggestions reflect participants’ desire to have direct contact with Employment Agency representatives and participate in more discussions. Their opinions also include the necessity of conducting more similar events on the topics mentioned above.