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Local Development Forum on the topic: “The Role of the Target Libraries in the Development of the Local Community and the Civil Society” in the town of Belogradchik

A local development forum for the districts of Vidin, Kustendil, and Pernik, on the topic: “The Role of the Target Libraries in the Development of the Local Community and the Civil Society” took place in the town of Belogradchik on the 21st and the 22nd of June.  The 83 forum participants were representatives of target libraries and local authorities from the three districts, the National Employment Agency - Vidin, Regional Expert Consultation Center’s in Vidin and Kustendil, and the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Programme. 
The meeting was opened by Desislava Ivanova, Director of Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library in the town of Vidin, with the following words: “The current meeting is an opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and good practices, to develop services, which will enrich the local community, to answer questions as it is expected from us in this time of globalization and rapid development of the information and communication technologies, to share the great responsibility related to the fact that the public libraries are transformed into the most powerful force aiding people to overcome the digital exclusion.  This is how the main goal of the Programme - to facilitate free access to computers and Internet for the people, will be reached.  The positive effect of the Programme on library activities is especially evident in the training for improvement of the professional qualification of librarians.  The implementation of the new electronic services - e-health, e-employment, e-culture, and e-education creates a new set of expectations and capabilities for the libraries and the community”.

The three Regional Library Directors introduced the official guests from their districts.  Welcome speeches were delivered by: the Head of Intermediary Services Department at the NEA - Vidin, Milcho Tsokov; Slava Sokolova, expert Chitalishta, Culture Department, Kustendil municipality, and Milcho Georgiev - Senior Expert, Culture Department, Pernik municipality.
One of the main goals of this meeting was to share experiences and ideas between the libraries about their work, provided with the help of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Programme.
Branimir Vejdarov, Manager of Monitoring and Impact - PMU at the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Programme opened the main part of the forum with a presentation on the topic “E-services at the Library - in Support of Local Community Development”.