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Successful Information Campaign of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Conducted in Partnership with the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) conducted an information campaign in partnership with the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program in the period April – May 2013. 5,000 farmers from across the country were informed, with the support of GLB target libraries, about new EU criteria the milk they produce should comply with. This happened in two stages: the first one included two webinars (online seminars) with the participation of a BFSA expert who explained the new requirements to veterinarians exercising official control on raw cow milk producing farms across the country who took part in the webinar from the nearest libraries. The second stage included information meetings held in the libraries where the veterinarians provided the necessary explanations to local farmers and answered their questions.
According to BFSA reports, the online training format proposed by the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program saved not only time but also nearly BGN 100,000 for an outreach campaign among veterinarians and BGN 850,000 for training of farmers. Further details are available in the thank-you letter from BFSA below.
BFSA also stated they were about to develop e-services for whose promotion and provision they will again rely on the partnership with public libraries participating in the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program.