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Fun Summer Reading 2013 Visited Koprivshtitsa and Sopot and Ended Its Country Tour in Kardzhali and Haskovo

Fun Summer Reading 2013 in Haskovo
Fun Summer Reading 2013 in Kardzhali
Fun Summer Reading 2013 in Koprivshtitsa

Following the successful launch of the 2013 Fun Summer Reading campaign in Sofia and the visits to Gotse Delchev and Smolyan, the initiative continued in the towns of Koprivshtitsa and Sopot. It brought together children from different schools, together with their teachers, local cultural activists and guests.

On 4 June 2013, more than 50 children from third, sixth and seventh grades in Koprivshtitsa got together for their meeting with the organizers of the 2013 Fun Summer Reading campaign. The meeting with the children took place in Sts. Cyril and Methodius Class School where they met the three reading ambassadors, famous local figures: Svetla Muhova, curator at the local museum and author of books about Georgi Benkovski, Elena Chumpova, teacher, and Dora Yurukova, active library patron and friend.
One of the most interesting experiences was the mock lesson in Bulgarian language from 100 years ago taught by the teacher Elena Chumpova. The lesson started with a prayer – children recited the famous poem “Prayer” by Ivan Vazov. The lesson’s essence included more advanced children tutoring their classmates and acting as coaches. As part of this role, children read out a poem by Petya Dubarova and the fairy tales “The Wild Swans” and “A Mother’s Tear” and the other pupils had to visualize the texts they were listening to. This is how they managed to feel how the power of imagination can engage their consciousness and make it a worthy co-author of great writers like Andersen. “Share a book with your friends and it will bring you something good”, Elena Chumpova advised the children.

The reading ambassador in Koprivshtitsa Dora Yurukova addressed children with the following words: “Reading is like love. No one can explain love. Reading is the most meaningful thing you can do during the summer vacation. Let the book be your best friend and the computer – your best assistant”.

The author and reading ambassador Svetla Muhova appealed to children: “Let us love our history, study it and keep it, so that we know the truth about Bulgaria”.

In the afternoon, the Fun Summer Reading campaign visited the National Revival town of Sopot. More than 30 children and representatives of the youngest kindergarten readers welcomed it at the school library of Ivan Vazov Secondary School. The youngest participants impressed all guests by telling different versions of the fairy tale “The Frog and the Ox” showing how each of us can create a fairy tale of our own if we are not happy with the original.

The reading ambassador in Sopot was the Director of the House Museum of Ivan Vazov Stefan Filchev. He advised the children to take part in the national campaign with enthusiasm and wished them success in the children’s reading competition.

The pupils acted out a scene from a short story about Sly Peter and the sixth-graders from the choreographic class presented to the audience scenes from selected folk tales.

The demonstration of the online reader’s diary provoked the interest of children in both towns and they rushed to answer questions on books they have read. The children browsed the books from the lists in the library section and suggested new titles to be added to the list. After the end of the presentation, many children stayed at the library computers to register in and start filling in their online diaries.

On 5 June 2013, Kardzhali hosted the meeting of campaign organizers with second, third and fourth-graders held in Nikola Vaptsarov District Library. The campaign in the city was officially launched by Ivanko Marinov, Director of the District Library. He congratulated children on the successful end of the school year and awarded certificates to the most active young library patrons. The undoubted excellent pupil among them was Denitsa who had finished third grade and had read more than 50 books, including all the books of the Harry Potter series.
The reading ambassador in Kardzhali was Margarita Pavlova, writer and librarian. She read out two fairy tales from her latest book “The Adventures of the Golden Jacket Boy”. Details about her book are to be published soon on
The demonstration of the online reader’s diary attracted children’s immense interest and they were eager to answer questions on their favorite books in order to prove that they had really read them.
The next stop of the Fun Summer Reading tour was in Haskovo where the campaign was hosted by Kirilka Strashnikova, Director of Hristo Smirnenski District Library, where the meeting with children took place.
Participants included many school children from different grades from Lyuben Karavelov, Ivan Rilski and Sandor Petofi schools. They presented a pleasant surprise to organizers by reading out their own poems and a musical fairy tale. Reading ambassadors in Haskovo included Svetoslava Stoyanova, Municipal Councilor, Ellie Videva, famous poet and teacher, and Nedred Yusuf, Bulgarian language and literature teacher.
Ellie Videva’s address to school children was valuable and emotional: “Read books because this is how you develop your imagination. Imagination will help you a lot with mathematics, especially with geometry. Living is much easier when you can use your imagination, believe me!” Nedred Yusuf wished to school children that they love reading and find their favorite books in the summer.
The visit to Haskovo ended with children presenting their own works to the guests. Krasimira and Ivayla acted out a musical note fairy tale written by Krasimira. Berna Halil read out her fairy tale “The Miracle of Bread”. The fifth-graders Annie and Gabby read out poems by their favorite teacher and reading ambassador Ellie Videva. will publish all these creative works.