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Training of Trainers in Thematic Area 5: “Advocacy, Fundraising and Project Preparation”

On 23 – 28 September 2013, a training of trainers in Thematic Area 5 will take place in Sofia.

The training aims to provide to participants knowledge and skills to implement advocacy, fundraising and project preparation training. The first two days of the program will focus on the methods for training adults, group process management, facilitation skills.

Newly trained librarians are expected to be a valuable training resource for the libraries, conduct training relevant to libraries’ and local communities’ needs, design project proposals, raise funds and provide expert assistance for the initiation and successful implementation of advocacy campaigns.

It is not envisaged for training participants to be hired by the PMU as trainers within the 2013 program.

19 competitively selected librarians from public libraries will take part in the training.