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Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Final Impact Assessment Study

The Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria final impact assessment study was conducted by the ESTAT sociological agency in the period July-November 2013. The objective of the research was to evaluate the program's achievements for its five-year duration in Bulgaria by exploring its impact on the lives of library users, local communities and the Bulgarian population as a whole, as well as on disadvantaged groups. The findings regarding the program's impact are based on comparative analysis of the data from the base, interim and final impact studies which were carried out among the program's main target groups in 2010, 2012 and 2013, respectively.
The following qualitative and quantitive research was made within the final impact assessment study:

  • Representative studies among librarians in target libraries
  • National representative studies among the population of over 7 years of age, split into three age brackets: 7-10, 11-18, 18+
  • National representative studies among the target libraries' users over 7 years of age, split into three age brackets: 7-10, 11-18, 18+
  • Qualitiative research through focus groups among representatives of target groups (9 focus groups) - 3 focus groups with each of the following: workers in target libraries, target library users and representatives of local governments, chitalishte boards, NGOs, local educational institutions and entrepreneurs

The results indicated that within the program's five-year implementation, all impact areas registered progress. Real and meaningful changes were registered in library users' lives, as well as in those of library workers who were included in the program. Among the most important ones of them was providing free access to technology to people who would not have such an opportunity otherwise. The computers in libraries and the priceless help of librarians helped children, youngsters and adults as well as people in disadvantaged groups of the population learn, get information and communicate more actively.

The results of the final impact assessment study were presented at the program's "Libraries with a Future" closing forum via a short video and a PowerPoint presentation, both of which you can see below. After the presentation you'll find a link to the research summary and full report.