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Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation in 2016 in numbers


Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation was established in 2013 as an NGO in public benefit.
Partners in the Foundation are the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Transport and
Communications, the National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Library and Information Association and the National Chitalishte Union. The Foundation is successor of the objectives and results of the project “Bulgarian Libraries – Places Of Access to Information and
Communication For All”, implemented in Bulgaria in the period 2009 – 2013.

Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation has a network of 960 public libraries (regional, municipal and chitalishte) covering 260 municipalities in the country. In many cases
those libraries are the only points of access to information resources and services for the population. Through the activities of the public libraries, the Foundation supports the inclusion of Bulgarian citizens in the global information society and increases their quality of life by: creating conditions for free and equal access to information, internet, modern
technology and electronic services for citizens; promoting information literacy, lifelong learning, civic participation and social cohesion, local and community development; supporting social integration of disadvantaged groups and equal educational opportunities for all citizens by improving access to information. Through participation in international organizations and programs, the Foundation promotes intercultural dialogue and the
contacts between professional organizations and individual libraries both in the member states of the European Union and in countries outside it.

In 2016, Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation, in implementing its mission and goals, operated in four main areas:

  • Strengthening cooperation with public libraries participants in the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program; concluding partnership agreements for sustainable development of the network of libraries; enhancing the competence of library staff; expanding joint activities for community development and introducing new services.
  • Improving communication with central and local authorities for better understanding the role of libraries for the local community and solving existing problems. Presenting the activities of Bulgarian and foreign libraries to representatives of central and local authorities and working together for the implementation of best practices.
  • Organizing an active national campaign to inform the public about the potential of public libraries and the benefits of their services; building partnerships with media for promoting GLBF activities in support of various social causes.
  • Adopting and implementing a system of internal regulations to ensure the efficient functioning of the Foundation and monitoring of their implementation.

Here you can read and download the full Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation activity report for 2016: