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Е-skills for E-inclusion

Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation  is implementing the Е-skills for E-inclusion project. Its main objective is to develop a training program on computer literacy for vulnerable groups in order to facilitate their access to the labour market. The project is being implemented in partnership with five other organizations from Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy and Romania and is funded by the European Programme Erasmus+.

The development of technology in recent decades has not only redefined the way of doing business but also has a significant impact on the labour market across the European Union. Addressing the emerged mismatch between the market needs and the available digital skills of the workforce is a key priority in the European Commission's long-term and medium-term strategies and in the sectoral policies of the EU countries. Despite the efforts made, statistics show that a significant percentage of Europeans lack basic digital skills and/or have never used the Internet.
Taking account of these trends at European level, the partners set out several key tasks in the implementation of this project:

  • Developing and implementing innovative and inclusive adult learning methods to enhance the basic digital skills of vulnerable groups, including new curricula, courses and accompanying learning materials and tools;
  • Extending and authenticating trainers' competencies to more effectively run computer literacy courses for vulnerable groups;
  • Developing and implementing innovative tools to assess the acquired digital skills of trained representatives of vulnerable groups;
  • Developing a multilingual web portal for lecturers on computer literacy;
In Bulgaria, GLBF is implementing the project with the active participation of 4 regional libraries:

"P.R. Slaveykov " Regional Library- Veliko Tarnovo

"Hristo Botev" Regional Library - Vratsa

"Hristo Smirnenski" Regional Library - Haskovo

"Stilian Chilingirov" Regional Library - Shumen

The project duration is 3 years. For this period, the IT specialists from the four regional libraries are part of an international team involved in developing the online training programme as a structure and content (in the first year), developing an evaluation methodology for measuring the results of the trainings and pilot testing of the programme within the 4 libraries with representatives of vulnerable groups.

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