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Frequently asked questions about the Programme

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the program.

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1. May school libraries participate in the program?

School libraries are not a target of the Global Libraries Initiative. The mission of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is to provide easy and equitable access to information for all citizens. While school libraries are open only to students and teachers, public libraries are a home for all the public irrespective of their age, occupation and social background. The biggest group of visitors in public libraries is the group of school goers and teachers and, therefore, the Global Libraries Programme is naturally targeted mostly at them.  

 2. Which are the public libraries in Bulgaria?

-         Chitalishte libraries - about 2,800

-         Municipal (city) libraries - 13

-         Regional libraries - 27 (in district centres)

3. Our library is not on the initial list of libraries whose needs will be assessed. What shall we do to apply and be included in this list?

Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria Programme is open to all libraries willing to bring about change, training and improved services to local communities. All you have to do is fill in an application form and e-mail it to or mail it to: Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria Programme, 28 Khan Krum Street, 1040 Sofia. You can also get an application form from the Programme District Coordinator at the Regional Library in your district.