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Frequently Asked Questions about the Memorandum of Understanding

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Memorandum of Understanding



1. What are the procedure and deadlines for signing the four-partite memoranda of understanding?

You can download the details regarding the procedure and deadlines from the Memorandum of Understanding and Related Documents category as a PDF file.

2. How do we fill in the data in the memorandum of understanding?

The memorandum of understanding is filled in and signed in all its quadruplicates sent by the PMU and received by the municipality mayors via courier. The data is filled in by hand in Bulgarian and in English lamguage. For Latin transcriptions, please use the English version of the List of Libraries Proposed for Inclusion in Stage 2009. Memoranda which are already filled in via computer need not be filled in again.

3. Should we spell out the name of the district, having in mind that it is not indicated in the memorandum?

Yes, on top of the first page you should fill in:


4. Should we spell out the name of the settlement in the beginning of the memorandum?

No, the name of the settlement is filled in on page 1 in the following text:

„WHEREAS the Program aims to facilitate the public access to information and services via the Internet in the town / village2 of:.........................................."

5. Do we have to fill in the names of the settlement and municipality on page 2, as well as the name of the chitalishte or library?

Only the name of the chitalishte or library should be filled in if the library is a regional or municipality one.

6. How do we fill the name and position of the municipality officer in only one row?

The first name of the municipality representative who signs the memorandum is abbreviated on page 12. The position may be spelled out under the signature.

7. Must there be a stamp of the municipality on the mayor's signature in the memorandum?

The memorandum should be signed but we will also accept the ones which were already sent without stamps. The stamp on the decision of the Municipality Council is mandatory.

8. Can we send a certified copy of the Municipality Council decision?

Yes, since there can be several target libraries in the same municipality, a certified copy of the Municipality Council decision may be submitted together with the memorandum of understanding for each library.

9. How do we send the memoranda signed by the municipality and chitalishte?

All signed quadruplicates must be sent to the district coordinator who will send them to the PMU via courier.

10. How and when will we receive the memoranda signed by UNDP and MC?

The memoranda of understanding signed by the Ministry of Culture and UNDP will be handed to the municipality mayors during the General Assembly of NAMRB which is planned for February 2010.
If they are unable to attend the event, the PMU will send the memorandum to the respective municipality.

11. What do we fill in on the first page where we have to spell out the name of the chitalishte/library in cases of chitalishte libraries? Do we spell out the name of the chitalishte or the name of the library (e.g., Library with Trezvenost People's Chitalishte)?

In cases of chitalishte libraries you must fill in the name of the chitalishte (not the library with the chitalishte) as a legal entity which has the right to sign the memorandum.

12. Do we have to spell out the signatures and names in both languages?

It is enough for the names, positions, dates and signatures to be in Bulgarian language only.