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Frequently asked questions about the training

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the training and selection of trainers under the program.

1. Do the trainers have to be in unpaid leave during these 9 months /specified in the contracts of trainers/?

The requirement for unpaid leave described in the published terms of reference for trainers selection pertains only to the actual time of training. The trainer will receive payments from the program for their work during that period. Every candidate for a trainer can be approved for only one of the four thematic areas of training. According to preliminary calculations, every trainer will have the opportunity to implement one or two trainings during the pilot 2010. This means that within the scope of the contract they will need 10 or 20 days of unpaid leave.

Training of trainers is envisaged in the program and it will be implemented in two phases, independant of each other. This training will last a total of 8 or 9 days /dependant on the thematic area of the trainer/. The training of trainers will be in Sofia in April - May 2010 and will be funded by the program. For participation in it, every trainer should use leave from work duties as per the regulations of their permanent labor relations /for example, paid leave/.