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Frequently Asked Questions about Applications for Stage 2010

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the applications for inclusion into Stage 2010 of the program.

1. Are libraries listed as reserves in the first stage required to fill the new application forms?

No, they are not. The decision whether to fill the new application form or not is up to the individual judgment of each library.

In the application materials for Stage 2010, section.3.4. Strategic considerations for Stage 2010, subsections 2 and 3, it says:

"2. According to a decision of the Program Board from 14 October 2009, libraries which were included in the reserves list for Stage 2009, will not re-submit their applications and will not undergo re-evaluation. Reserves for Stage 2009 are recommended as target libraries for 2010 on the condition that:

  • - they are included in the municipal applications for 2010;
  • - their inclusion is in line with the Program's guiding principles and the strategic considerations for the 2010 phase;
  • - they meet the mandatory requirements for inclusion in the Program.

3. At their request, a library/chitalishte from the reserves list for Stage 2009 can fill in application forms for Stage 2010 in order to receive a new point-score evaluation."

2. Is it necessary to submit a letter of support from the municipality with the application documents for Stage 2010?

In the application package for Stage 2010, p. 12 of Form 1, under the table where the libraries supported by the municipality are listed, it says:

"Hereby I declare the intention of the municipality to sign the memoranda of understanding under the program for the aforementioned libraries"

This sentence is followed by the signature of the municipality mayor, which certifies the support of the municipality for the inclusion of the libraries in Stage 2010 of the program.

3. Is it necessary to submit an additional letter from the chitalishte board or management, declaring their support for the participation of the library in the program?

In the application materials for Stage 2010, page 16 from Form 2, containing the library data, should be signed by the director of the chitalishte board, certifying the support of the chitalishte board for application of the library to the program.

4. Is it necessary to submit an additional motivational letter with the application for Stage 2010?

This letter is not obligatory for application. Library staff can submit one, if they consider they can express their desire to participate in program in a more extensive form.