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Frequently asked questions about the Request for Proposals for Impact Assessment Baseline Study (Ref. No RFP/BGR/00071115/001/2010)

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Request for Proposals for Impact Assessment Baseline Study (Ref. No RFP/BGR/00071115/001/2010).

1. This is to kindly ask you for a clarification regarding project deliverables envisaged (pp. 21-22 of RFP): Should deliverables listed be provided only in Bulgarian, or both English and Bulgarian? Would you please specify by different deliverables (questionnaires, reports), if any difference had been envisaged?

All the deliverables of the Impact Assessment Baseline Study - Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria, mentioned in pp. 21-22 of the RFP, should be written and submitted in Bulgarian language.

2. Do you know the exact number of target libraries at Stage 2010? We need this information to be more precise in calculation of our financial offers if we know the total number of target libraries at Stage 2009 and Stage 2010.

 The number of target libraries for Phase 2010 is expected to be approximately 350. The exact number will be known after signing memoranda of understanding with the selected target libraries.

3. Do you require reference letters from each client, with which the offeror has worked in the past or just a list of companies is enough?

 Reference letters from clients are not mandatory, but are welcome as part of the offer.

4. Is it possible to suggest 2 options for the study of target libraries: option 1: face-to-face interviews and option 2: alternative method of interview?

Yes, it is possible to suggest a second option as well (alternative method of interview) in addition to face-to-face interviews. 

5. If we are allowed to suggest alternative methodologies how it should be pointed out in the price schedule? Is it possible to have more than one price proposals - one for each methodology?

 Since you would like to provide different methodologies and respectively price proposals for them, please submit the price schedule for each methodology in a separate envelope, clearly marking the envelope with the methodology to which it pertains to.