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ICT Training in the Prosveta Chitalishte Library in Zlatograd

Computer skills training for people aged "60+" started in the library with the Prosveta Chitalishte in the town of Zlatograd. The training's duration is two weeks and it shall allow its attendees to get acquianted with the computer and its peripheral devices, word processing, working with the Internet, registering for e-mail and Skype accounts.

The training is held under the library's own initiative and is lead by the chitalishte chairman Plamen Chingarov who is also a trainer in information and communication technology for the Smolyan district under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program.

In case of interest in further classes on behalf of the local retired people, the training shall continue. It is in compliance with the objectives of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program: access to information, knowledge, communication, electronic content and services for the society through libraries, turning them into contemporary information centres, into places for lifelong learning, attracting and encouraging people of all ages to accessing the global information society. Contemporary libraries' mission is to expand the variety of their outreach and activities, to turn more attractive to their visitors and to play an ever growing and important role in local development.