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Training in Computer Skills for Citizens Started in Kazanlak

The Iskra Municipal Library has been holding free training in basic computer skills since Monday, 8 August 2011. The only condition for attending is a valid registration as patrons of the library.

Every day from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. for five days the training attendees shall work with the computers provided under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program and situated in the Public Information Center of the Iskra Municipal Library. The training is lead by the librarians who have undergone special preparation under the program.

The training aims to overcome the information isolation of different groups of readers. The curriculum includes acquaintance with basic commands, forming skills for working: setting up the system, creating documents and organizing them, printing, pagination and working with applications such as Exсel and Word, with Windows, etc., searching for information online.

Special attention is also paid to utilizing useful web sites, checking water and electricity bills online and other practical skills in everyday life. A part of the training is learning how to create and use e-mail and Skype accounts, getting acquainted with social networks and creating individual profiles as a means of contemporary communication.

The training's curriculum is open to adjustments in accordance with the individual knowledge and problems of patrons with using contemporary technology. It shall be held regularly, becoming a lasting trend in the cultural institution's activity.