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Television Coverage

Here you can watch broadcasted television coverage of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program.

These two reports show the first trainings held in the Plovdiv district library for its patrons.

Zlatka talks about the first trainings under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria program which are about to start in the Plovdiv district library.

The report (in Bulgarian language) tells about the opening of the training centre under the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program in Vratsa, and talks about the program in general and about the libraries in the Vratsa district which participate in the program.

The report (in Bulgarian language) informs about a science conference held in Veliko Tarnovo with the support of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program.

The report (in Bulgarian language) gives basic information about the program and shows the library in the village of Rebarkovo. It is among the target libraries in Stage 2009. In the report library workers and users demonstrate their enthiusiasm about the program and explain how it will transform their library.