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Centralized IT Infrastructure Concept and Analysis (CITICA)



Centralized IT Infrastructure Concept and Analysis (CITICA)
Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Management Unit (PMU)

Background: Glob@l Libraries Bulgaria (GLB) aims to facilitate easy and equitable access to information, knowledge, communication and e-services via free Internet access in public libraries. The program enables free use of ICT equipment and the Internet by visitors at 900+ public libraries in large and small towns and villages countrywide. Currently, a decentralized IT infrastructure (DITI) solution is in place for the 805 functioning GLB libraries (it is expected that there will be 100+ more GLB libraries with installed ICT equipment and Internet connectivity by end-2011). Due to the scope and ambitions of GLB, the set-up of centralized IT infrastructure (CITI) for as many target libraries as feasible would be one of the program's sustainability pillars long-term. To validate this assumption and to clarify next steps that the program partners shall undertake on the road to CITI, GLB wishes to engage the services of an independent consultant to conduct an analysis exploring the CITI option for the 900+ target libraries of GLB.

Requirements: Substantive practical experience in consulting/projects in IT infrastructure design and roll-out of national coverage; substantive practical experience in consulting/projects in network solutions and technologies, Internet connectivity and web-based services with national coverage; knowledge of the EU and national policies and legislation pertaining to IT issues and solutions; education in information and communication technology or a related field.

Detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) are available at the link below:

pdf.gifTerms of Reference CITICA (116.12 KB)

In accordance with the TOR, candidates should send via email to Ref. CITICA: (1) detailed CV in English quoting relevant projects/experience; (2) references confirming relevant experience; (3) lump-sum price proposal.

Application inquiries: Any inquiries should be directed in writing only (in Bulgarian or in English) via email to: Telephone inquiries will not be considered.

Application deadline: 17 July 2011.

Selection process: Short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview. 

Questions regarding the advertisement and their answers are published on our frequently asked questions page.