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Quarterly Report for Target Libraries under Stages 2009 and 2010 of the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program

In the middle of 2011 the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program entered its third year. In 2010, efforts were made for identifying the majority of partner libraries and procuring ICT equipment for them. In 2011 the program focuses on training librarians and implementing contemporary services which libraries can provide through ICT to citizents and local communities.

Providing the Program Management Unit (PMU) with systematised information on what and how is changing through the mutual efforts of the target libraries, the local partners and the PMU is of special importance to planning the upcoming work of the PMU with the target libraries. This information is also necessary for reporting the program activities to the donor organization and partners, as well as for current impact assessment.

In compliance with art. 3.2.4 of the signed Memoranda of Understanding under the program, on 1 July 2011 the PMU introduced quarterly reports for target libraries.The quarterly report form is submitted online through the program portal and is available in Bulgarian lanuage to all target libraries under the program, accessible after they log into the portal with their account credentials.