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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Request for Proposals for Elaboration, Testing, Installation and Support of Computer Monitoring Software

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Request for Proposals for Elaboration, Testing, Installation and Support of Computer Monitoring Software.

Q: Can we suggest 15% payment on contract signup?
A: The contract payment terms do not envisage an advance payment upon signature of contract. The allowed terms of payment are outlined in section VI of the Terms of Reference.
Q: What language is used in target systems installed at libraries? Is MS Windows in Bulgarian language?
A: The target systems installed in the libraries use Windows 7 Enterprise edition with an option to switch between English and Bulgarian languages used to display text in wizards, dialog boxes, menus, and other items in the user interface. English is installed as a display language by default; however Bulgarian language is selected by some of our target libraries.
Q: What do you exactly mean by International Peering in measuring the internet speed available at any library?
A: We mean measuring the connection speed to resources and hosts reached by interconnection to networks physically located outside Bulgaria for each of our target libraries. Examples might include specific web pages or libraries’ resources such as catalogues, etc. hosted outside the Bulgarian network.

Q: Please let us know who is responsible for installation of CMS on all 5000 computers? As per TOR, contractor will make installations at 77 libraries. The question is who will do the rest of the CMS installation?
A:  The CMS installation on all 5000 computers is the responsibility of the selected Contractor. According to the TOR, the software shall be installed and operational on all GLB workstations not later than 1 April 2012.

Q: Please elaborate the 60 minute interval that is needed for most of the calculations. How do you want to do it? Do you need that when a computer gets started, we start counting the minutes and store data locally for each 60 minutes interval? If during this 60 interval, internet connection goes down and after 10 minutes, it comes back, how we should record it? Etc.
A: Time counter process shall start with the starting of the computer and the collected data shall be stored locally. The counters shall continue collecting data even if/when the connection is disturbed and when the connection is restored the data shall be sent to the DB.

Q: Do you need web-based system for visualization of data stored in DB? We assume that by online log-on/password protected interface (mentioned on page 19) you mean a web based system.
A: YES, part of the solution is a system that will act as a web based interface for visualization and import/export of data from the DB.

Q: Which other options you need for report export other than MS Excel as mentioned on page 19?
A: The MS Excel must be the primary export format from the DB. The DB should have the option to be exported in its native format depending on the DB solution that is used.
Q: What will be the language of user interface of the application? English or Bulgarian?
A: The language of the user interface of the application must be Bulgarian.
Q: Also the training needs to be provided in English or Bulgarian?
A: The training must be provided in Bulgarian.
Q: Documentation needs to be given in English language or Bulgarian language?
A: Documentation must be given both in Bulgarian and English.