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Two Authentic Stories from the Village of Trud

The village of Trud, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district, is situated in Thrace Valley, 8 km north of Plovdiv, on the Plovdiv – Karlovo road. Its population is 4,200 people, of whom 517 children aged up to 14 years. There is one school – Sts. Cyril and Methodius Primary School teaching 212 children, and one kindergarten with 126 children.
About 100 mainly light-industry enterprises are active on the territory of the village. The main means of livelihood are agriculture (rice, wheat, oats, corn, sunflower, etc.) and stock-breeding (fisheries, cow and sheep farms, etc.). Silkworm breeding used to be very popular in the village.
The library at Svetlina 1929 Public Chitalishte in Trud is equipped with three computers and a multimedia projector under Stage 2009 of the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program.
In 2011, there were 502 registered readers and 182 users of the ICT equipment provided under the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program. 
The librarian is also a coordinator of a local Center for Work with Volunteers implementing numerous initiatives as part of the National Alliance for Work with Volunteers.
The national authentic folklore forum held in Trud annually, in the first week of September, attracts guests from all folklore regions and visiting ensembles from Greece and Russia.
Svetlina 1929 Public Chitalishte in the village of Trud has piano and painting schools for children, a children’s brass band, a cheerleading squad, a youth dance company, a children’s dance company, an ensemble for authentic and arranged folk songs, a customs company, English language and mathematics courses, etc.

A True Story
/Svetla Bozhilova, Global Library in Trud/
In August 2001, I started working in the library in the village of Trud. A scent of old books, dust and silence; a scent that brought me back to my childhood. We did not have a computer and when schoolchildren came for information, I searched the old reference books and encyclopedias from late 1960s to early 1980s. Every time I failed to find what I was looking for, particularly with regard to the newly adopted school subject “World and Personality”, I felt a personal loss, a personal failure to meet users’ information needs.
Why am I in this library, what do I do actually...? Many questions that I tried to answer. It is not only about lending books!
Much later, I already had a computer, without internet access, then with internet connectivity but without a printer. So children would copy things by hand all the time...
Today my everyday life is busy. Children keep coming in crowds all the time. Sometimes it is really noisy and some adults do not like it, but the place is full of life…
The Global Libraries have changed my life and the atmosphere in the library. I end my day at work tired, yet satisfied because I draw on children’s enthusiasm and energy and every day I learn something new from them! You cannot feel sad or lonely and since we are short of computers, we have a schedule we observe with precision – 30 minutes for each user and the waiting children are never bored. We organized the “Goodbye, Vacation!”concert and everyone gave ideas! Every day I make various inquiries, I often use the virtual reference service provided by Ivan Vazov District Library in Plovdiv. With university students, I work mainly via e-mail, and with the little ones, we work together. I do not know whether my story is interesting, but it is real, authentic. I feel more useful! The library occupies an area of 40 sq. m, it is small, and yet we are part of the global world!

Why I Love My Library in the Village of Trud
/Petya Georgieva Nonova, 14 years old, Trud/
In the summer of 2011, I got tired of staying home and I started visiting the library in the village of Trud. My granny wondered what I was doing there all day long and kept calling me. She would even call the librarian to check if I was there and if I got in her way. What I actually learned was how books are arranged, processed; I helped with the organization of the national authentic folklore forum in the village. From the very first day, I found new friends and then new ways of entertainment. It was more fun and nicer than before. There were lots of children of different ages and I found everything so interesting.
Most of the kids do not have internet connection during the summer, so they visited the library every day where computers were donated by the Global Libraries Program.
In the hottest days we figured out a new entertainment – water sprinkling. We were about twenty kids, our wild game started and we repeated it three times. There was a schedule for the usage of the computers – 30 minutes per user, but the waiting children did not get bored at all.
It was then that the idea of having the summer concert came. It was done under the motto “Goodbye, Vacation”. It was us, children, who figured it all out. I am planning on having more concerts this summer, this time more successful because we have volunteers in the library and I am one of them.
I love our library!!!