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P. R. Slaveykov District Library in Veliko Tarnovo Hosts the SUCCESS Project

On 27 June 2012, the Vocational High School of Fashion Design in Veliko Tarnovo conducted its second presentation of extracurricular and out-of-school activities under the SUCCESS Project in P. R. Slaveykov District Library. The four high school clubs presented their creative works:

  • “History in Photos”
    • “Veliko Tarnovo: a Wondrous and Incredible City” presentation and photo exhibition
    • “Do You Know Your Town” entertaining quiz
    • awarding certificates and books to club participants
  • “Linguistics: English Language”
    • presentations on the topic “Branches of Linguistics”
    • students’ essays
    • presentation of Latin epigrams translated in English
  • “Sexual and Reproductive Health”
    • presentation, crossword
    • “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” – joint training with specialists from the Regional Public Health Inspectorate in Veliko Tarnovo
    • awarding honorary diplomas and certificates
  • “Fine and Applied Arts Studio”
    • “We Learn to Create” presentation
    • exhibition of students’ creative works

The activities took place within the project “Making the School Attractive to Young People – School for Self-Assertion and Preparation for European Horizons (SUCCESS)”. The project is coordinated by the Regional Inspectorate of Education in Veliko Tarnovo. The Regional Public Health Inspectorate in the city is a project partner.