“Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria: a Point to e-Inclusion” Competition

The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program announces the competition “Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria: a Point to e-Inclusion” targeted at all target libraries participating in the program. The competition will award prizes to initiatives, projects and innovative ICT-based services implemented by target libraries in 2011 and 2012 in support of e-inclusion of local communities.
e-Inclusion comprises of activities facilitating everyone’s free and equitable access to information and modern information and communication technology (ICT).
The award winning libraries in the five competition categories – e-SKILLS, e-ACCESS, e-EMPLOYMENT, e-CULTURE and AGING WITH DIGNITY AND NEW TECHNOLOGY – will be announced on the occasion of the Revival Leaders’ Day (around 1 November).
Prizes for library winners include laptops, video cameras, e-readers and digital photo cameras.
All target libraries are eligible to participate in the competition by filling in the form from the link below and e-mailing it to konkurs@glbulgaria.net by 15 September 2012. You can find a detailed description of competition categories and fill-in instructions in the form. Please email any further competition related questions unanswered in the form to konkurs@glbulgaria.net.