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Volunteers Help the Library in the Village of Gradina

Following a short break of library activities in Selska Probuda 1896 Public Chitalishte in the village of Gradina, the Library Friends volunteers’ club resumed its operations. Along with the sixth and seventh graders, club members already include three adults. All of them take active part in direct library activities – library stock cleaning and arranging, book mending, collecting documents from overdue patrons, etc. and the implementation of the Global Libraries Program. Other volunteer activities include distribution of documents at disabled people’s homes, distribution of promotion materials, displaying announcements and notifications, helping with the training of elderly users and mostly with Skype and Facebook skills. One of the adult volunteers takes part in the preparation of the material on Gradina’s folklore and popular customs. All volunteers also participate in the library’s massive initiatives. They helped with the implementation of the one-day initiative under the project of Ivan Vazov Public Library in Plovdiv and the National Alliance for Working with Volunteers for organizing a children’s day celebration.