Quarterly Reports of Target Libraries under Stages 2009 and 2010: Analysis of the Process and Data Gathered

In regard to the introduction of a monitoring and reporting system under the program, in May a working group consisting of PMU, UNDP and district coordinators’ representatives elaborated a quarterly report form for the target libraries.

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Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program Impact Assessment. Results of Questionnaires for Target Libraries under Stage 2009

This online questionnaire encompasses the target libraries under Stage 2009 which received their ICT equipment by end-January 2011. The questionnaire's objective is to measure the program's impact from the period of ICT equipment installation until 30 June 2011.

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Report from the World Libraries Congress (Gothenburg, August 2010)

A report on the World Libraries Congress (Gothenburg, August 2010), provided to the Glob@l Libraries - Bulgaria Program by Rumyana Koycheva, library research-worker and consultant.

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