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A Fulfilled Librarian in the Village of Archar, Vidin District

Archar is a lively village of 2,400 inhabitants. It lies on the bank of the Danube River in Bulgaria’s least developed North-West Region, 25 kilometers away from the district center of Vidin. Archar’s 400 children enjoy a kindergarten and two schools.

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Health Campaign in the Village of Belogradets

The village of Belogradets is situated in northeast Bulgaria, 60 km from Varna and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The village is inhabited by 1,374 people. Almost half of them are children and school goers, pensioners and unemployed people. The other half is the working people.

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Two Authentic Stories from the Village of Trud

The village of Trud, Maritsa municipality, Plovdiv district, is situated in Thrace Valley, 8 km north of Plovdiv, on the Plovdiv – Karlovo road. Its population is 4,200 people, of whom 517 children aged up to 14 years. There is one school – Sts.

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Active throughout Their Lives or How the Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Program Has Changed the Lives of Pensioners in Ihtiman

Ihtiman is a town situated in west Bulgaria, 48 km from the capital of Sofia and about 95 km from Plovdiv. According to the latest statistics, the population of Ihtiman is 13,763 people.

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The Work of the Volunteers in the Chitalishte Library in the Village of Nova Cherna

The village of Nova Cherna is situated in northeast Bulgaria, on the Danube River, 40 km from Ruse in the direction of Silistra. Its population is 1,745 people. There is a school and a kindergarten in the village.

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Benefits and Prospects for the Population of Tundzha Municipality through the Implementation of the Glob@L Libraries – Bulgaria Program 2009 – 2011

Tundzha municipality is situated in the southeast part of the Thracian valley and is centrally located in Yambol District. Its vast area (1,218.9 sq. km) makes it the largest municipality in the district and one of the biggest territories in the country.

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Napredak 1895 Public Chitalishte in the Town of Radomir: a Success Story

Читалището в Радомир

There is an active person or group of people behind every success story. People who are not afraid of change. People in search of novelties and willing to experiment.   

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“Life Is Priceless! Do not Substitute It for Drugs!” Health Campaign in the Town of Roman, March 2012

Roman has 3,600 inhabitants and lies in Northwest Bulgaria. There are three schools and one local culture club (“Chitalishte”). Since its establishment in 1907, the Chitalishte has housed a public library.

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“Acceptance is a Bilateral Process” - Partnership Project of the Library at Sts. Cyril and Methodius 1914 Public Chitalishte and the Home for Elderly People with Mental Disabilities in the Town of Banya

The ladies in the library

According to the 2011 Annual Report of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, the adequate community based care for people with mental disabilities continues to be one of the challenges facing Bulgaria where these people are still isolated in closed-type institutions.

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