Health Campaign in the Village of Belogradets

The village of Belogradets is situated in northeast Bulgaria, 60 km from Varna and the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The village is inhabited by 1,374 people. Almost half of them are children and school goers, pensioners and unemployed people. The other half is the working people.

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“Life Is Priceless! Do not Substitute It for Drugs!” Health Campaign in the Town of Roman, March 2012

Roman has 3,600 inhabitants and lies in Northwest Bulgaria. There are three schools and one local culture club (“Chitalishte”). Since its establishment in 1907, the Chitalishte has housed a public library.

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Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Target Libraries Join the “Informed and Healthy” Communication Strategy of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria

In January 2012, Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria and Ministry of Health (MH) representatives identified cooperation opportunities for public libraries and Regional Health Inspection Offices.

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